Welcome to John!

John is my private HTTP and FTP server. I use it mainly to hold some archives I maintain. The most prominent one is probably the AS archive, my multiplatform, multitarget cross assembler. This site is located in Aachen, Germany. It is attached to the network of the Computer Club a the Technical University of Aachen , which I am a member of. The computer club has its own home page, which you might want to check out by clicking here.

Since I have a "Real Job(tm)" for a few months now, my time to bring up this server is a bit limited. Most of the areas listed below are still empty, so please be patient...

In case of problems or questions, just contact me.

The following things are currently available or under construction on this server:

Note: Due to the trouble with Unisys trying to raise royalties from anyone who uses GIF images on his server, I converted all GIF files to either PNG or JPEG. If your browser doesn't deal correctly with PNGs, I'm sorry but like many other people, I'm finally fed up with all the trouble about and around the GIF patents!

HTTP 3.2 100% Micro$oft free!