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DECstation 5000/240

Photo of DECstation 5000/240
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The DECstation 5000/240 can be seen as an improved version of the DECstation 5000/200. It has an additional high-resolution timer, better serial interface chips, and the CPU and Cache are sitting on a separate module plugged into the mainboard. DEC offered an upgrade to a 60 MHz R4400 CPU, which makes this machine to a respectable workhorse even for today's standards. If you bought such a machine with the upgrade already installed, the machine was labelled as a 5000/260.

Common with the 5000/200 is the almost obscene amount of memory modules you can plug into it, the three TurboChannel slots and the case that has no space for internal drives...

Mips R3400, 40 MHz
integrated into CPU
64 Kbytes Code, 64 Kbytes Data
Integer Performance:
roughly like a 486DX4/100
40 Mbytes (options range from 8M to 480M)
3 TurboChannel slots @ 25 MHz
Interfaces (onboard):
  • Mouse, Keyboard
  • 2 x Serial
  • SCSI (narrow)
  • 10 Mbps Ethernet (AUI only)
Add-on cards:
  • PMAGB-B Color Video (1280x1024@256 colors)
  • DEFZA copper FDDI interface
Operating System(s):
  • NetBSD 1.3.2

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