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Sun SPARCstation IPX

Photo of Sun SPARCstation IPX
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Similar to the IPC being a twin to the SPARCstation 1+, the IPX is a version of the SPACstation 2 in the compact 'Lunchbox' case - so compact that it almost vanishes below the monitor's base :-) Every IPC/IPX therefore came with an optional holder to keep the machine in a vertical position, comfortably next to the monitor. Unfortunately, the holder for mine got lost over time...

Photo of Sun SPARCstation IPX's Innards
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In spite of its size, the case hosts a full-blown Sun workstation, with two SBus expansion slots and space for both a floppy and a hard drive. To open the case, remove the screw at the back side, push in two buttons at the left and right sides, and pull off the top half of the case. Cables are led in a way that you can conveniently lay both halves on a table without disconnecting anything. While the top half holds the power supply and both drive bays, the lower half is reserved for the main board.

Photo of Sun SPARCstation IPX's Main Board
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As said before, there are two SBus slots available for expansion, but at least for basic workstation needs, there will hardly be a need for plugging anything in. Compared to the IPC, the on-board equipment was modified in two important places: First, there is now a color video hardware on-board, replacing the monochrome bwtwo of the IPC. And to make it even better, it is not a simple cgthree but a cgsix, offering basic 2D-acceleration and making X substantially faster.

Furthermore, the SIMMs are standard 72-pin modules (with single-bit parity), much easier to get these days than the 30-pin SIMMs in the 4Mbyte incarnation...

Sun SPARCv7, 40 MHz, Weitek WTL8701
integrated into CPU
64 Kbytes
Integer Performance:
roughly like a 486/66
16 Mbytes (options range from 4M to 64M)
SBus, 2 Slots
Interfaces (onboard):
  • Mouse, Keyboard
  • 2 x Serial
  • 10 MBps Ethernet (AUI)
  • Narrow SCSI (mini DB50 connector)
  • Color Video (1152x900)
  • Audio in/out (mono, telephone quality)
Operating System(s):
  • NetBSD 1.4.2

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