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VAXstation 2000

Photo of VAXstation 2000
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The VAXstation 2000 was the first truly desktop VAX - earlier models were either large towers like the MicroVAX I/II or room-filling cabinets like the legendary 11/*** series. Due to its case, some people called it the "VAX in a wine cask" :-)) In fact, a standard VS2000 configuration consisted of the machine itself and a TK50 streamer in a similar case and acted perfectly as book ends...

The VS2000 was sold in enormous quantities, and was the best-selling VAX ever made. It's therefore extremely simple to get one for almost nothing, but don't expect to get a performer...

Most of the space in the box is taken up by the power supply (left) and the full-height internal MFM drive (right). The MFM drives ranked from 10 MBytes to the 150 MByte RD54 (a relabelled Maxtor XT2190), and all the VS2000's I have have an RD54 - smaller drives just aren't useful to set up a Unix system.

none (probably...)
Integer Performance:
0.9 VAX-Mips, roughly like a 286/8
10 Mbytes (options range from 2M to 14M)
none, but internal connectors for color graphics card
Interfaces (onboard):
  • Mouse, Keyboard
  • 2 x Serial
  • SCSI (narrow)
  • second MFM hard drive
  • Shugart Bus for floppy drive
  • 10 Mbps Ethernet (AUI+BNC)
  • 1024x864 Video 1bpp onboard +4/8bpp optional
Add-on cards:
busless machine, apart from graphics board
Operating System(s):
  • Ultrix 4.1

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