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VAXstation 3100M38

Photo of VAXstation 3100M38
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The VAXstation 3100M38 belongs to the large group of 3100-based VAXen based on the CVAX third-generation chipset of microprocessor-style VAX machines. It features both internal and external caches and is housed in exactly the same case as the DECstation 3100. Even the connectors and their order are the same. A distinct difference is the SCSI controller: The machine has two channels, one for internal drives and another one for external devices. Since there was no space left for the SCSI interfaces on the main board, they are located on a separate daughtercard. I have heard there was also an alternative daughter card with one SCSI and one MFM interface...

The mainboard itself has 4 Mbytes of RAM and a monochrome video card. Proprietary connectors are provided for RAM cards and a color card similar to the VAXstation 2000.

DEC CVAX, 16.666 MHz
L1+L2, size unknown
Integer Performance:
3.8 VAX-Mips, roughly like a 386/20
16 Mbytes (options range from 4M to ...)
none, but internal connectors for color graphics card
Interfaces (onboard):
  • Mouse, Keyboard
  • 2 x Serial
  • 2xSCSI (narrow)
  • 10 Mbps Ethernet (AUI+BNC)
  • 1024x864 Video 1bpp onboard +8bpp optional
Add-on cards:
busless machine, apart from graphics board
Operating System(s):
  • Ultrix 4.5

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