The Macroassembler AS
Future Enhancements of AS

Here I will list new features I plan to integrate into future versions of AS. This is just rough planning, i.e. I won't give you any dates by which they will be done, nor do I promise that I will ever do it. However, since they mostly went in due to outer requests, there is a good chance that they will come sooner (or later)...

If you made a proposal for an extension and don't find it on this page, this neither means that I won't do this, nor should you take this as an offense. After all, I'm also only human and forget things...

An asterik means that those things are done and will appear in the next beta version or are already present in the current beta.

New CPUs

I have gotten hold of data books for the following CPUs, and they will be supported by AS in the near future: Information for the following families is available, but I do not have a high priority for working on them: The following target-independent features are on my list:
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