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HA 750 M

Photo of HA 750 M's Front
Photo of HA 750 M's Back
Photo of HA 750 M''s Innards (Top)
Photo of HA 750 M''s Innards (Bottom)

Device Type

Integrated Amplifier

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General Description

The HA 750 M is the amplifier of the H 750 M system, which is an 'economy' version of the 1981 high-end mini system M 1. Therefore, the HA 750 M is the counterpart of the MA 1. Compared to the other components, the amplifier is the component that experienced the fewest strip-downs - the maximum output power was reduced to 2x40W RMS, and only the defeat switch was left out, which was anyway a feature not found in any other Telefunken amplifier.


four inputs, tape copy function, loudness, noise filter, LED level meters with selectable range, two pairs of speakers may be attached.


Inputs for Tape/Tuner/Phono/Aux (DIN), speaker outputs (one pair DIN, one pair clamps).

Technical Data

not available at the moment, have no docs

Common Failures

none known so far

Spare Part Numbers

(taken from Telefunken's 1981-1991 Service Handbook)

Position Order No. Designation
ICs, Transistors, Diodes
339 556 572 transistor 2 SD 718
339 556 573 transistor 2 SD 688
Other electrical Parts
339 502 227 variable resistor

Available Documents

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