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MC 1

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Analog Cassette Deck

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General Description

The MC 1 was Telefunken's high-class cassette deck offering in the line of Midi-sized (30x30 cm basic area) Hifi components. In its features and basic concept, it is comparable to the RC 200: a two-motor deck, electronically controlled. In addition, it also provides the auto-rewind/auto-play functions known from the RC 300, but not the auto-start timer function.

As a part of the M 1 component system, it shares the unusual housing concept: the housing is made of an inner frame, and aluminium profiles attached to it make the 'outer skin'. This housing concept is similar to laboratory devices and in contrast to standard housing concepts of Hifi devices at that time, which were based on bended metal sheets. It gives the whole system a very worthy look, and Telefunken won an industry design award for it.


two-motor drive, auto rewind/auto play, memory function, all four tape types selectable


Line (DIN), Micro/Aux (DIN)

Technical Data

(taken from the user's manual)

Tape Speed: 4.76 cm/s ± 1 %
Frequency Range: 30-16000 Hz (CrO2)
30-14000 Hz (Fe2O3)
30-16000 Hz (FeCr)
30-18000 Hz (Metal)
Tone Height Variations: ±0.18 % (Rec+Play)
±0.13 % (Play only)
Distortion Factor related
to 200 nWb/m: <= 3 % (CrO2)
<= 1 % (Fe, FeCr)
S/N Ratio with HighCOM: 74 dB
Erase Dampening: >= 70 dB
Erase Frequency: 84.5 ± 1 kHz
Reduction of High Frequency
Level related to 200 nWb/m: <= 11 dB (CrO2)
<= 10 dB (Fe2O3)
<= 9 dB (FeCr)
<= 3 dB (Metal)
Channel Separation (1 kHz): >= 30 dB (Stereo)
Input Sensitivity: Radio 0.25 mV / 5 KOhm
Micro 0.25 mV / 5 kOhm
Aux 23.5 mV / 470 kOhm
Output Voltage: 1.2 V
Output Impedance: 6 kOhm
Playback Deemphasis: 3180µs/70µs (CrO2)
3180µs/120µs (Fe2O3)
3180µs/120µs (FeCr)
3180µs/70µs (Metal)
Multiplex Filter: 19 kHz pilot tone suppression,
>= 36 dB switchable
Semiconductors: 14 integrated circuits
49 transistors
33 diodes
1 zener diode
3 rectifiers
41 LEDs
Mains Voltage: 220/110 V
Mains Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 298 x 144 x 250 mm
Weight: 5.7 kg

Common Failures

Similar to the RC 200, the MC 1 uses a two-motor drive with one motor for both reels. The motor'S rotations are transferred with a moving rubber wheel. The wheel's rubber hardenes over time, and dirt additionally reduces the friction (common with devices from smokers!). The result is a deck that plays and records without problems, but has trouble winding the tape. The effect is not as common as with the RC 200, but it is more difficult to fix, since the front cover has to be removed to gain access to the wheel.

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