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MC 2

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Photo of MC 2's Back
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Device Type

Analog Cassette Deck

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Original Price

DEM 368,-

General Description

The MC 2 is the cassette deck of Telefunken's entry system M 2. It follows the concept of all other components of this system: leave out all features that are not absolutely needed, concentrate on the basics, but keep the overall quality, thereby allowing a good price-quality ratio. The drive control is therefore purely mechanical (except for the PP 100 deck), this is the only mechanical drive among the 1981 devices, and the controls are reduced to the absolute minimum. But it still has High COM, and the electrical values are comparable to devices that are much more expensive.

An interesting detail about the MC 2 is that the High COM circuitry is fully integrated into the main PCB, while all other Telefunken decks so had the High COM circuits on separate daughter boards.


High COM, Dolby-B compatible, Fe/Cr/Metal, 2 LED Peak Level Meters, mechanical tape counter


AF In/Output(DIN cable), Microphone/Aux(DIN)

Technical Data

not available at the moment, have no docs

Common Failures

none known so far

Spare Part Numbers

(taken from Telefunken's 1981-1991 Service Handbook)

Position Order No. Designation
Heads, Motors, Transformers
339 350 107 Record/Playback Head
Electrical Parts
Position Order No. Designation
339 440 106 push button switch
Drive Components
Position Order No. Designation
339 755 208 capstan rubber roll
339 755 209 capstan rubber roll, 2.5mm univ.
Misc. Mechanical Parts
Position Order No. Designation
339 940 125 air dampener

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