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Device Type

Analog Receiver

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General Description

The RR100 was the 'small' solution if you wanted a Tuner integrated into the Amplifier - not only in the area of price and features, but also in its outer dimensions. The RR100 has the smaller depth of the Silver Series, common to the 100 and 200 tuners and cassette decks, ideal to fit onto a shelf.

Beautiful compared to the equivalent tuner RT100 is the huge analog frequency display that spans more than half of the device's width. Together with the tuning knob that has a heavy flywheel on its axis inside, one gets a idea what a fun tuning was on those old tube-equipped radio sets. The display's illumination is however somewhat dim, which can however be fixed when you anyway have to swap burned-out bulbs. The sort of bulbs used for bicycle backward lights works quite nice, and with three of them, the display virtually gets 'flooded' with light :-)

The amplifier's section is quite similar to the RA100, with the difference that the amplifier hybrid is a smaller variant good for 10 Watts less per channel.


2x30 Watts RMS, FM/AM (AM MW only), 2 pairs of speakers (clamps and DIN connectors, only one pair may be active), variable capacitor tuning, FM automatic fine tuning switchable, muting, high-pass filter, loudness, LED field strength indicator.


Magnetic phono, Aux (DIN and Cinch), Tape (DIN), 4 x speaker (DIN plugs resp. clamps), antenna (75 Ohms coax or 240 Ohms symmetric)

Technical Data

(not available yet, have no docs)

Common Failures

Photo of RR100's Amplifier Hybrid

Like the RA100, the RR100 uses a hybrid module from Sanyo for the power amplifier section. Hifi fans usually dislike these modules, and they make servicing difficult these days since most of them have been discontinued long time ago. You may be lucky to find a source that still has them, but be prepared for a steep price in the area of 50..100 DEM, so if you find a RR100 or RA100 for this or less, buy it just for the hybrid if it works.

The hybrid is a Sanyo STK463, a smaller companion of the 2x40W STK465 used in the RA100. Since their pinout is exactly and their price almost the same, is is possible to use an STK465 in place of the 463 and get a bit more headroom. In fact, I have seen an RR100 with an STK465...

I've been told that there is a source in USA

that still has some in their stock. Furthermore, there seems to be a compatible module named 'NTC 1345'.

I haven't disassembled a broken hybrid so far (have two), but the typical failure should be a shorted final transistor in one channel, leading either to a supply voltage short (shorting a fuse) or an output delivering the full supply voltage. In contrast to some cheap Technics amps, the speaker protection is not inside the hybrid and works reliably in such cases. But since the relay is common for both channels, the receiver will be completely silent when only one channel breaks.

Given you have more than one broken hybrid, you might try using two 'half' devices to get a working stereo amp again. My results with such an attempt are documented here.

Spare Part Numbers

(taken from Telefunken's 1981-1991 Service Handbook)

ICs, Transistors, Diodes
IC STK463 339 575 316
IC TA7317P 339 575 265
IC tdA1047 339 575 312
Transistor MPSA05 339 556 432
Transistor MPS9630k 339 556 429
Transistor MPS9633C 339 556 431
Transistor MPS9680T 339 556 430
Transistor LM1683 339 556 425
Zener Diode ZPD24 339 327 089
Misc. Electrical Parts
Speaker clamp 339 550 107
Relay 339 362 503
Misc. Mechanical Parts
Side cover, left 339 232 107
Circuit diagram 319 207 375

Available Documents


Fixing the power amp by using two halfway broken hybrids

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